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Therapeutic Services

Individual therapy - Play therapy - Group counselling - Joint parent and child counselling

Therapeutic services can occur online or face to face.

Individual and Creative/play therapy: This can be offered to children, young people aged 4-18 and adults. Options are short-term counselling at 6 sessions or over 14 sessions as long-term support, lasting for 50 minutes. The therapy would be from the integrative counselling approach meaning therapeutic techniques wouldn't be limited to one theory and would meet your individual needs. Your needs could include more creative forms of expression beyond talking like art and music or sports and body movements work. There's creative range and adaptability involved in our therapeutic services to move alongside your needs and reflect your age/developmental stages. 

Group Counselling and Joint Parent/Child Counselling: These counselling sessions can range from 2-4 clients whether they are children, young people or adults. Larger group sizes can be discussed further following making an enquiry and assessing their suitability. The session would be for 50 minutes or 1 hour 20 minutes. Parent-child counselling could involve play therapy or more conversational conflict resolutions depending on the case and age group involved. As mentioned earlier varied therapeutic techniques would be available as options. 

Therapeutic services : Services
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