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Mentoring Services

The power of being yourself and nurtured. Together we will celebrate you and the lack of limitations within you. Mentoring that's meant to be, for children, young people and adults. 

Guidance and encouragement

Support around self-esteem and goals. This can be around education, careers, personal relationships and appearance. 

Professional development:

Support, encouragement and advice around career and educational development. Issues we can support with include transitions, balance, confidence, learning styles, motivation, goals, diversity and inclusion. To expand on the support around transitions we can provide specific work amongst others on transitions from education to work setting and the idea of "adult life" which can stir up anxiety. 

Behaviour management:

This support is predominantly targetting children and young people deemed to have behavioural issues in school. Being mindful of family difficulties, poverty, behaviour difficulties and trauma we stand firm on being non-judgemental not defining the person by their action/behaviour. The same attitude is applied to adult mentoring where there can be anger management needs for example. 

Mentoring services: Service
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