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Working from Home


We want all of our clients to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with JASD Wellbeing Services. As we pride ourselves on partnership work and multi-agency working to maximize your needs or the needs of your child/young person. 

Parent/Carer Consultations: We see value in maintaining contact with parents/carers of children and young people clients. This is to help establish therapeutic strategies at home and helping families to recognize ways they can support therapeutic progression. We also make space to attend to your needs as a parent. Where your mental health needs also deserve a space to vent, feel encouraged and open to collaboratively creating helpful parenting stratergies. 

School Staff Consultations: Providing support and advice around mental health awareness and difficulties. Supporting you to feel more equipped to support your student's mental health needs as well as your own needs. A lot of the support provided will highlight the importance of self-care strategies and staff supervision in school/workplaces. 

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